Monday, May 30, 2011

like grandfather, like grandson...

it seems to have
a generation...

that would be me
late last night
 i left my father's house
where newly planted
perfect flower beds existed
this morning i awoke
to find my front yard
nearly complete
my son actively engaged
in leading the process
thanks tj
i truly appreciate your
hard work

Friday, May 13, 2011

my dream porch...

supposing i had
a charming cottage
with a big...

...front porch
i would want
one of these
a purple rocking chair
to watch butterflies
sip lemonade
and listen to my favorite music
while reading a good book
west jordan utah
a must visit if you're in the area

Thursday, May 12, 2011

riverton, utah

for ten years now
i have been receiving
boxes from this address...

it is so thrilling to finally
see where they come from
this beautiful building
is bursting with creativity
and now i can understand why
nestled in the valley
 between all these gorgeous
snow covered mountains...

we did not go inside today
i know shelli is in australia
so no chance
 of meeting her this trip
sarah and i are having so much fun
i wouldn't be surprised
if we don't return one july
for a stampin' up! convention

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

you've gotta have friends...

the feelings oh so strong
you've gotta have friends... make that day last long...
how blessed and lucky are we
to look up
and see polly kirton
waiting for us
 at the airport in salt lake city
we were shocked
yet so thrilled
touched beyond words
two moms
two girls
two pillowcases
lives changed
friends forever

Friday, May 6, 2011

cracked glass...

for sometime
 i've been following
 the life of
i love that little girl
and her momma kristen
 and her papa mike
two days ago cayman
was showing signs
of shunt failure
it's not the first time
her heart stopped
went to the off position
she became lifeless
turned blue
mike and kristen
know what it is like
 to have a child
 in your arms
one second from death
a few months ago she again
presented the same
so her parents took her
 to the emergency room
only this time
she became more alert
even playful
the doctor wrote in his notes
so insurance
 denied the entire er visit
so now those bills become private pay
adding to their mountain of debt
three days ago
same thing happened
but this time
wiser to the ways of insurance
they got in the car and drove
to ann arbor's childrens medical center
once again cayman became playful
afraid to enter the er for fear
of denied claims again
they opted to wait it out in a hotel
what a dilemna
sounds crazy doesn't it
some reading their story
 might think they're
 thought process is off
but not us
no not john and i
we have lived this
same dilemna for years
played the same wait and see games

late last night i read on facebook
that after getting back home
to their small town in ohio
cayman in fact did
present with shunt failure
so mike called 911
then life flight arrived
so now insurance
will get to pick up that tab
as john and i layed in bed this morning
i told him about cayman's situation
we lamented about our
many similiar experiences
and how much we feel
for mike and kristen
and then i had to get coy
i remarked that i felt like
just finally
we have a handle
on the finacial havoc
a medically fragile child
the end of our
 extreme medical debt is in near sight
i boasted, i bragged
and then i rolled over
 started thinking
about what we will do
 with more money

and that's about the time
matt called up
the back of the
van window had just shattered
as i stared at the pile
of cracked glass
it snapped me back to reality
a message well sent
and perfectly timed
i never must forget
the lessons
the sarah's and the cayman's
 of the world
are here to teach
it's not about money and possessions
or bigger houses
it's not about new cars
or fancy vacations
it's about life
 precious, precious life
and helping one another

Thursday, May 5, 2011

happy birthday...

to one of the
girls i know...
ok so i stole the cake
directly from cake wrecks
at least it is from the best
cake blog out there
and the message is just perfect
i truly would have baked
but i was up until
the wee hours this morning
working on something else
my sincerest wishes for
a great day julie
the gal who has also
stolen something...
my son's heart
and we could not be happier
happy birthday julie
we love you!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

in the springtimes track...

i did not
tired of winter...

i was glad of the snow and the cold
i liked the weather when flake and feather
we're flying o'er field and wold
but now i am glad of the sunshine
that is calling  the robins back
of the beautiful flowers
the long bright hours
and the bloom in the springtime track

by: margaret sangster