Wednesday, March 23, 2011

do you roly poly?...

i personally crave # 47
the nut & honey wrap...

full of cream cheese,
raisins, sunflower seeds,
 cashews, baby spinach, plum tomatoes,
carrots, alfalfa sprouts,
with spicy honey mustard
my husband likes the smoked turkey
sarah prefers the roasted turkey and swiss
the boys stick with the
 roasted beef & provolone
suffice it to say the ely family
when it came time for our grand opening
of the quilt store
we didn't even have to debate the menu
roly poly was a must
so what does this have to do
with creativity you ask
jenny watson
a stampin'up manager
name a 2010 rising star
she's in my same downline
and she and her husband
 just happen to own
the very roly poly
i am addicted to
i just learned that this week
small world indeed
congratulations jenny!!!
if you are in northeast ohio
head on over to golden gate on mayfield
try the frozen yogurt too
it's soooo good

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