Wednesday, August 31, 2011

no creations...

this blog
is supposed to
be about...
my creations
but lately it has been
more about family
and friends
so i decided i best
and show you why
it's a mess
a somewhat organized mess
but still a mess
my little ole creative corner
is always the go to room
for all the stuff
gathered in other rooms
where repair is needed
even my design board
 is down
so the work crew has access
the electrical panels
maybe tomorrow
we can start the clean up
at least i won't need buckets
for the task
for which i am grateful

Monday, August 29, 2011

oh heavenly bliss...

i adore

...extra smooth & creamy
melt in your mouth
pure milky ecstasy
thank you hershey
for thinking
outside the bar
 for selecting
 purple foil
for selling
the experience
pure bliss

Friday, August 26, 2011

happy healing

to the
one and only
...the best blogging
 man i know
if i were to send you
these would be
the ones i'd make
they somehow
look like something
you'd create
grape for me
apple for you
for that's the flavor
i'm sure you'd
like to see
now that you're tonsil free
happy healing ken
now please
don't over do it

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

man creations

it's the first
day of school
for the youngest
...which means the
obligatory photo
 in front of the house
must be taken
the oldest just happened
to be walking by
so i pulled him in too
as i was uploading
the pictures
it hit me
with a little surprise
those are my guys standing there
two handsome men
the greatest of creations
time sure does fly by
yet the rewards just
get better each and every day
i am one lucky mom
so proud
and so very grateful

Thursday, August 18, 2011

moving right along...

was my very

high school
freshman orientation
the last time
 i will walk
 the halls of the school
with my child 
new schedule in hand
searching for rooms
trying to figure out
how to get
 from one wing
to the other
in the allotted time frame
that task may be harder
for this last child
the halls are filled
during class change
with girls
i expect that might make
for some tardy slips
the smiles he gets
and gives
are worth it all
this kid enjoys
life and for that
i am grateful
and living
 my last high school
through his twinkling eyes

Monday, August 15, 2011

not if...rather when...

i'd been warned
there were signs
still it was hard...

 i heard him say
if that's not
a reminder
of getting older
they are now called
varilux physio
that sounds better
soon i spotted
purple retro ray bans
just like louis lane
my honey
he needs them too
he picked black ones
just like clark kent
what a pair
 we will be

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

one awesome year...

. full year of
going from one
 tiny little design studio
with a small stash of
purple fabric
one not as tiny little house
with a larger stash of
purple fabric
how nice of moda
to send us
on our

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

a girl can brag...

once or twice
in her
life right?...
...especially on the
of her twenty fifth
wedding anniversary
the one where
the hubby presented
his bride
that would be me
with a
matching set of
and gold bling
so artfully designed
oh yes that
i believe is worthy of
a kiss or two or twenty five...

and a mention on this here blog
the one declaring my love
of all things
and my love for you
 dear john
for 25 years
our love has made
each day better
every moment is happier
any challenge is easier
and it's why i know
that there's nothing
we can't accomplish together
with every anniversary
we celebrate
our love grows stronger
and i feel more grateful
to be married
to someone as
wonderful as you
happy 25th anniversary
to the man i love

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

the answers...

...were here all along
in the bottom
drawer of the big...

green file cabinet
tucked in the furthest
corner of the basement
the timing of the need
to replace the furnace
requiring moving
  the file drawers
could not have been
more perfect
the last piece of closure
to the pain
 of the past twenty five years
as i poured through the folders
i found things i had
never seen before
or at least don't remember
maybe that was intentional
my high school diploma
from the real glenoak
my graduate school transcripts
from ohio state
the awards i received
the leadership positions i held
job descriptions
my husband's college diplomas
a rebuttal to his first professional
performance review
my dissolution papers
our apartment lease
my acceptance letter to law school
the condo mortgage and deed
ahh the wedding file
which held lists and lists
not one including shari
and more lists
there were more revisions
than the white house
 has for state dinners i'm sure
in the end
most were not invited
it was a small event
not what i envisioned
 but it was easier that way
hindsight being double twenty
this is where
 the recovery begins
or rather ends
i would have taken back the night
not let it nearly destroy us
rather run
sprint for a destination
the rockies, the desert, the beach
but then again
maybe it was all it
 was suppose to be
perhaps it played out
exactly as it was planned
preparing us for what
was to come
there are parts of the drama
that have not changed
not in twenty five plus years
yet the commitment
the love
have endured
bonded beyond measure
and that strength
was developing
from those first months
of that time so
many years ago
life is too short
to wallow in misery
i've read everything
in the file drawer
shredded the things
i'll never need again
never want to see again
i know the past year
 or so has been
 truly the happiest
of my life
in just a few hours
i am taking back the night
i am about to
 marry the man
 of my dreams
all over again
this time
there are no lists
no drama
no dress, no flowers, no dinner
just a man
and a woman
recommitting to love and to cherish
till death do us part